COVID-19 Update: Classes Cancelled Monday and Tuesday (3/9 | 3/10)

We are actively monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and have been in close contact with Columbia Preparedness. Late this evening we received notice from Columbia University that a member of Columbia’s community has been quarantined as a result of exposure to the Coronavirus, but at this point, they do not have a confirmed case. Columbia has decided to suspend classes on Monday and Tuesday in order to give the university time to prepare for teaching online for the remainder of the week. They are not closing the university, just suspending classes. The complete text of the Columbia message is at the bottom of this post and read more updates from Columbia Health here.
For the last month, we have been working closely with the team at Columbia to determine the best course of action to take in relation to COVID-19. We are subsequently suspending all classes Monday and Tuesday, and there will be no chapel. At this point, however, we are not closing the seminary so people should feel free to be in the buildings, and use the chapels for personal prayer and/or meditation. Staff are expected to report as usual. Faculty will receive additional information from the Dean tomorrow.
Regarding larger events on campus, in an abundance of caution, Columbia University has now updated their events policy to strongly discourage non-essential events of more than 25 people on all of their campuses. Campus fitness facilities will remain open for individual use, though group fitness classes will not take place. 
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