EDS at Union June Newsletter

Where Faith and Scholarship Meet to Reimagine the Work of Justice

Dear friends,
As Dean of EDS at Union, I have the privilege of sharing with people across the Church the work that God is calling us to today. Over the past several months, I have been speaking about the dangerous rise of white supremacy in U.S. history and the particular threat it poses today and have had the chance to be in the Dioceses of Massachusetts, Long Island, Connecticut, and Los Angeles, to name just a few. This work has been both challenging and inspirational as I encounter so many of you committed to building “Beloved Community.”
Recently, in a question and answer session, a clergy participant told me about the incredible resistance he faces every day as he strives to help his congregation dismantle its long legacy of racism. The cost of his discipleship was very clear to all in the room, and it was a story that is shared by many in that it reflects the day-to-day struggle of working toward God’s justice in what can only be described as discouraging times.
To that clergy person and to the many like him who are engaged in this incredibly hard work of faith and social justice, this season of Pentecost reminds us that with the gift of the Holy Spirit we have what it takes to keep fighting for a more just world and church despite the obstacles in our way. Additionally, as we celebrate this Pride month, let us


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