Frosted Hospitality

First-year M.Div. student Krystal Hanegan and her husband Michael’s family looks like many others, but beneath that façade lies an incredible secret: the couple are visionary bakers. Their company, Cake the World a Better Place, has designed hundreds of one-of-a-kind cakes that channel recipients’ lives into confections that are as tasty as they are touching.
The Hanegan family
The two began their unlikely journey with a cake they made for their son’s first birthday. “We didn’t think it would take very long,” Michael laughs, “but we ended up literally pulling an all-nighter.”
Despite this inauspicious beginning, however, they were hooked. Their creations soon became ubiquitous at friends’ birthday parties—a refreshing change from the bland monotony of store-bought sheet cakes. It didn’t take long, however, before Krystal and Michael realized their baking’s potential to speak to life’s deeper moments, as well.
Bella’s cake
Their favorites are cakes they made for Bella, the daughter of Michael’s best friend. “The morning after Father’s day, we found out she had leukemia,” Michael says, “she was four.” They made a small cake for her, delivered with a bunny she could hold while undergoing chemotherapy. “Sharing that cake in the oncology ward with her family,” he adds, “was a sacred meal.” But then, one year later, they had a chance to make a cake for the birthday celebration that no one was sure would come. “It’s not my most technically crafted cake,” Krystal admits, “but it is a cake that celebrates the life of a little girl that is irreplaceable to

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