Healing Body and Soul: Union Alumna Judith Bannerman-Quist Discusses Her Company Plants Matter

Recently, we met up with alumna Judith Bannerman-Quist to learn a bit more about her natural plant based skin care company. After graduating from Union in 2017 with an M.A. in Interreligious Engagement, Judith founded Plants Matter, a company she believes wouldn’t exist, as it does, had it not been for her time here at Union.
Union: What would you say about your journey prior to attending Union?
Judith: Judith before Union was definitely confused. I was trying to understand myself and what I wanted to do. I was also trying to figure out what life was about, what my purpose was. Before Union, there was a lot of wrestling with the big questions: identity questions, existential questions. I had to figure out what I was meant to do and share with the world.
U: What brought you to Union?
J: Those big questions, man. I was in a really confused, depressed state. Even though I was reading a lot, and I was going to church every Sunday, I found that my questions weren’t being answered in church. I realized I needed to find a place that could help me address those questions, with nuance – not the superficial preachy “Give me word of God” stuff. Meanwhile, as I was having these internal struggles, my partner had just entered his first semester at Union. I don’t know if it was out of boredom or curiosity, but I began skimming through his readings, and really enjoyed them—especially because they spoke directly to where I was.


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