Latinx Theology in Xenophobic Times: An Interview with Professor Machado

Amid a government shutdown and public fight over US immigration policy, we sat down with Rev. Dr. Daisy Machado, Professor of Church History at Union. In addition to the Borderlands class described in depth below, Dr. Machado’s recent courses include Eugenics, Race, Gender, and Nation: A Brief History and Religious Movements from the Margins: A Look at the Prosperity Gospel.
In addition to teaching at Union, you’re also the Director of the Hispanic Summer Program. Tell us about it.
The Hispanic Summer Program started in 1989, it was created to provide a space where Latinx seminary students in ATS schools could go for two weeks of intensive theological education with Latinx faculty. The program has continued, non-stop, for the last 30 years. It’s sponsored by 37 schools—Union has been a sponsor for 19 years.
Because of the sponsoring fees that the schools pay, the students pay $425 total. It’s amazing, they get two weeks of housing, two weeks of meals and their airfare—plus three graduate credits. It’s the best program in the country of its kind. Every year we offer seven classes and seven different professors, so it’s a different program every year. For example, in the coming year, we have a class on Latinx Muslims, we have a class on ecological justice in poor communities of color, a course on urban pastoral work.
It sounds like an incredible opportunity. What’s the impact you’ve seen on students who participate in the program?
I’ve been director of the program for six years, and one of the

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