Shared expectations on Union project yield positive community engagement

For Union’s Hastings Hall renovation project, administrators set out to establish goals with Consigli Construction that were in line with the seminary’s social justice mission and sought to provide opportunities for minority workers and Minority-owned, Women-owned and Locally-based Business Enterprises (MWLBE). Seven months into the project, Consigli has made significant progress towards these goals.
The workforce goal, based on total project hours, was set at 30% minority worker and 5% female worker. Consigli’s subcontractors exceeded this goal with 86.7% minority workers and 5.3% female workers. The goal for MWLBE subcontractors/suppliers/vendors was set at 15 percent minority/women and 5 percent local of the total amount of awarded contracts. Consigli was very close to meeting this goal with 12.71% of contracts awarded to MWBE and 1.58% to LBE, awarding nearly $5 million in contracts to these enterprises. One such contract went to Turtle & Hughes, an independent, women-owned business that is an electrical contractor.
At the beginning of the project Consigli hired an area resident as Diversity/Community Outreach Coordinator who became a key component in working with local community organizations and focusing on these important measures. One of the first tasks undertaken was hosting a local job fair in Harlem that provided direct access to some of the project subcontractors. Nearly 150 people attended, several were interviewed and three workers were hired for the project.
Another important and far-reaching goal that was set involved Consigli developing a construction skills training program, with preference to residents within the three Morningside Heights zip codes. The program has

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