Tributes to Rev. Dr. James H. Cone

During the days following the passing of Rev. Dr. James H. Cone, we invited guests to post memories, thoughts, or meaningful experiences they’ve shared with him. Below are the responses we received.

The passing of Dr. James Hal Cone
Dr. James Cone is considered to be the Father of Black Theology of Liberation. There is no measure of how he has influenced and influenced theological reflection from the margins both in the USA as well as in South Africa. It was at the University of South Africa in particular that Black theologians who were allowed to teach theology, embraced his theology and continued to challenge the racist status-quo that seem to opt for a theological reflection that ignored the deliberate vilification of black people merely because of their black skin. It was the very theology of Cone, which influenced the likes of Steve Bantu Biko and the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa.
We as a South African community, we recognize the indelible contribution that Cone made to our scholarly reflections; we want to mourn his passing with his academic colleagues on the other side of the Atlantic. We also like you have lost a great mind and one of the greatest sons of Africa. We say in Isixhosa, lala ngoxolo Tata (rest in peace Father). You have fought a good fight and you have multiplied. The struggle goes on but this time, it is fought in a bolder manner because we have become many.
On behalf of the Black Theologians in South Africa, and

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