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(The) Spot Café

This convenient gem is very popular with staff of the Interchurch Center, Riverside Church, Union Theological Seminary, and Barnard College.

Continental Breakfast: 7:15AM – 10:30AM
Hot Breakfast: 7AM – 10AM
Lunch: 11:30AM – 2PM
Coffee & Snacks: 2PM – 3PM

“We’re happy to help you plan the perfect meeting! Whether it’s for a small breakfast or a large dinner, we can help you plan it every step of the way.”


Sohha Savory Yogurt

Selection of salads and unique dishes enlivened with savory yogurt.  Sohha Yogurt cares deeply about making a handcrafted savory yogurt of the finest quality and rejects the notion that food has to be processed through chemical or genetic means. Our ingredients support sustainability and food rich with nutrients. We want to expand our hospitality, offering everyone the same delicious and nutritious yogurt that we eat at home.


Broadway Dive

Cheers to the greatest spot on the upper west side.


Broadway Restaurant

Sit down and enjoy the classics with Broadway Restaurant.



The best Jazz and Supper club around.


Texas Rotisserie & Grill

Come enjoy New York’s best BBQ!


Xi’an Famous Foods

As a family-owned business, we hope to reintroduce the world to the unique cuisine of our hometown: liangpi “cold skin” noodles, lamb pao mo soup, and wide hand-pulled “biang biang” noodles, all in its most authentic form.


Ben & Jerry’s

Grab a scoop of B&J!


Cool Fresh Juice Bar

Get juiced!


16 Handles

Enjoy a scoop of frozen treats!



Classic Indian fare including slow-cooked Awadhi dishes plus wine & tea in a stylish, modern space.


Manhattan Valley

A world of amazing Indian dishes awaits you!

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Regional specializes in the cuisine of the many different districts of the Italian peninsula. Our menu features recipes from every corner of the boot