La Salle Open Street Schedule of Events

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Now in its third year of operations, La Salle Open Street makes sure the community can experience Thursdays Together

The Morningside Area Alliance sponsors the Open Streets program under an agreement with the New York City Department of Transportation. 

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Get Involved

We are organizing for GREAT times. How can you contribute? Have an activity idea or question? We welcome any and all kinds of help! Send your message below. You can also call MAA at 212-749-1570.
We seek one volunteer for each week to assist with various aspects of La Salle Open Street. Donations are much appreciated and sponsorship opportunities (a performance or special event) are available. If you are able to reach neighbors and others working or living nearby, promoting with emails and online is encouraged! As a community project, La Salle Open Street welcomes you to perform on Claremont corner or lead an activity like yoga, kids games, tournaments, and more.

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International House for your support!

Morningside Heights enjoys TWO Open Streets. Visit Amsterdam Avenue between 110th and 111th Street on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Presented by 

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