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MSM student life focus: Get to know two student organizations at MSM! – Manhattan School of Music Manhattan School of Music has many active student organizations representing a wide selection of interests and activities. Here’s a spotlight on two of them, the Latine Student Association, and MSM Womxn – learn a bit about who they are, and what they’ve… Source link

The Associated Press in Nazi Germany

Can you provide some examples from the book of the compromises AP reporters made while working in 1930s Nazi Germany? The most questionable actions involved AP photo operations, which continued to function throughout the war exchanging photos under the auspices of the Nazi Foreign Ministry—including using German diplomatic pouches to get photos in and out […]

Teachers College Appoints New Vice Dean for Research, Caroline Ebanks These TC Collaborations Are Supporting Patients with Parki…

Teachers College has named Dr. Caroline Ebanks as its new Vice Dean for Research.  In this position, Ebanks will provide leadership to foster interdisciplinary research collaborations across the College and between scholars at TC, Columbia, Barnard and other institutions. She will work with faculty to identify and secure federal and foundation support for high […]

Don’t Worry, AI Isn’t Taking Over the World

Literary Theory for Robots, the new book by Dennis Yi Tenen, an associate professor of English and Comparative Literature, explores the history of modern machine intelligence, taking readers on a journey that includes medieval Arabic philosophy, visions of a universal language, Hollywood fiction factories, and missile defense systems trained on Russian folktales. In his reflection […]

These TC Collaborations Are Supporting Patients with Parkinson's Disease Convocation 2024: Meet This Year’s Honored Medalists An…

More than 6 million individuals worldwide live with Parkinson’s disease, and while incurable, the neurodegenerative disorder can be managed through a variety of treatment and lifestyle adjustments to improve quality of life. That’s where TC’s Lori Quinn, Gemma Moya-Gale and Michelle Troche come in, with the three Biobehavioral Science researchers unveiling respective advancements related […]

Across the Divide: Tips for Hard Conversations at the Seder Table

Rabbi Jan Uhrbach provides practical advice on how to approach the Seder this year when many will face difficult conversations about Israel. Many of us are approaching seder this year with concern about seemingly unbridgeable divides about Israel. It’s tempting to try to avoid difficult conversations, but Passover isn’t merely a holiday of gratitude for […]