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Since 1947, the Morningside Area Alliance has brought area academic and spiritual leaders together to facilitate cross-institutional communication and foster collaboration. Members for 2021 include Barnard College, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Columbia University, Corpus Christi, Interchurch Center, Jewish Theological Seminary, The Riverside Church, St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s, Mt. Sinai Morningside, Teachers College, Ulysses S. Grant Houses, and Union Theological Seminary

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“Mission: Commission is breaking new ground” – The New York Times

“Rarely are audiences granted this kind of insight into a composer’s process. New works might be given a brief introduction from the stage, a program note or some advance press. What often gets lost is the story of creation — the hiccups and dead ends, the thrill of discovery. And that is central to ‘Mission: Commission.'”

— The New York Times    

Miller’s new podcast was just featured in The New York Times for its groundbreaking approach. In it, we follow the journey of three composers as they create vibrant new works of classical music specifically for the podcast. The six-episode series launched on April 13, with new episodes premiering each week on Tuesdays.

We invite you to join listeners around the world on the journey of Mission: Commission.


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