Circular Morningside

Circular Morningside Today: An exciting initiative of committed nonprofit who are together, exploring one of the most promising solutions to address climate change locally.

Why Circular? Circularity is a system that describes a new type of economy; and, an economic system that is regenerative. The building blocks of circularity are Refuse, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Refurbish, Remanufacture, Repurpose, Recycle and Recover. With a circularity goal in mind, businesses, building owners, and whole communities can focus on their materials needs and uses in a sustainable way.

Why Morningside? Morningside Heights is a unique place with a deeply interconnected system of nonprofits. Its institutions have a long tradition of connecting with each other. A membership association, Morningside Area Alliance strives to foster collaborations.

  • Close-knit community
  • Nonprofits and businesses with an interest in sustainability
  • Lots of materials use
  • Experienced partner, Barnard College, bring ready expertise to local efforts

Let’s Get Started! Rheaply’s materials resource exchange platform is available to select organizations for a pilot in 2022/2023. In Morningside Heights, organizations are exchanging materials and benefitting from Rheaply’s committment to powering the circular economy across the US.
Circular Morningside is in its pilot phase, focusing on a reuse initiative among five organizations: Barnard College, Columbia Secondary School, Interchurch Center, International House, The Riverside Church, Teachers College, and Union Theological Seminary.