Engineered Bacteria Paint Targets on Tumors for Cancer-Killing Cells to See

car t cells attacking brightly colored breast cancer cells

About the Study
JOURNAL: Science
TITLE: “Probiotic-guided CAR-T cells for solid tumor targeting”
AUTHORS: Rosa L. Vincent(1), Candice R. Gurbatri(1), Fangda Li2, Ana Vardoshvili(1), Courtney Coker(1), Jongwon Im(1), Edward R. Ballister(1,2), Mathieu Rouanne(2), Thomas Savage(2), Kenia de los Santos-Alexis(2), Andrew Redenti(1,2), Leonie Brockmann(2), Meghna Komaranchath(1), Nicholas Arpaia(2,3), Tal Danino(1,3,4)
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Columbia Engineering
Department of Microbiology & Immunology, Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University
Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, Columbia University
Data Science Institute, Columbia University
FUNDING: This work was supported by NIH 1R01EB030352, Columbia Translational Therapeutics (TRx) Award, and the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (1644869 to C.R.G.).
R.L.V., T.M.S., C.R.G., J.I., N.A., and T.D. are inventors on a patent application describing the use of Probiotic-guided CAR-T cells for cancer immunotherapy (International Application No. PCT/US2022/016775). 

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