Happy almost New Year MVP! Whether you’re new to MVP with your first born, brand…

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🎆 Happy almost New Year MVP! Whether you’re new to MVP with your first born, brand new baby…OR…you’ve known us since BC (before Covid 😉🤪) we are so thankful for your continued support of our female-founded practice. We would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to care for all of your children in 2023!! 💛🧡💗💙 It’s been a busy year for us and we appreciate…

🎆 all of you
🎆 all of your referrals
🎆 all the adorable kids we have the privilege to take care of
🎆 our awesome staff 🥰
🎆 our thoughtful and helpful industry counterparts we’ve done lives with and learned so much from! Stay tuned for MORE in 2024🥳📚🤓🎥

🎆Now, who is ready for a quiet weekend?! 🙋🏻‍♀️

🎆 Here is what we’re seeing in the office —and by seeing we mean “lots”

💥Stomach Virus
💥Pink Eye

🎆 re: Strep: If your kid has a sore throat, fever 🤒 or belly ache —bring them in for a strep test. It’s a quick & easy diagnosis and is easily treated.

🎆 re: Pink Eye: Call your doctor, especially if your child is a newborn. If it’s a bacterial infection, treatment may include antibiotic drops or ointment. Gently clean the eye area with warm water and gauze or cotton balls. You can also put cool compresses on the eye.

🎆 Friendly reminder, we’re open 9AM- 12PM tomorrow and closed Sunday and Monday for the holiday.

🎆 Our FIRST prenatal of 2024 🤯 is this coming Tuesday! Links are updated on our website and Facebook to register for a Tuesday that works for you. Classes will be available soon for baby care and CPR.

Have a great, safe and HEALTHY weekend!
Happy New Year!!!🎆🥳🎊🗽

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