Happy Friday Neighbors! Last week, we sat down with DarDra Coaxum, co-owner of…

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Happy Friday Neighbors!🎊

Last week, we sat down with DarDra Coaxum, co-owner of Harlem Shake to talk all things business, community, and food. 🍔🥤

Harlem Shake, the feel-good go-to burger joint with yummy shakes and their esteemed wall of fame, just celebrated their 10 year anniversary. 🎉✨

DarDra shared with us the restaurant’s origins and some of the community work near and dear to their team’s heart – including the Miss and Mr. Harlem Shake contest.

Local residents enter for a chance to win a $1,000 cash prize, with half of the earnings given to a charity of their choosing.👏🏽💵

“Fun, delicious, and comforting” are the words DarDra used to describe the energy behind Harlem Shake and its loyal patrons.

Not sure what to order? 🍽️
Their delicious summer specials include: strawberry mint lemonade, the banana cream pie shake and a loaded lobster roll!

Thank you @harlemshakenyc for the warm welcome and a showcase of true Harlem hospitality. We’ll be back very soon.

See ya later, neighbor! 👋🏽


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