Lecture: Louise Basbas with Henry Lee

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Forty-Five Years of New Performances of “Music Before 1800” Concert manager Henry Lee asks director Louise Basbas discerning questions that reveal how Music Before 1800 has evolved and changed throughout an intense and musically rewarding forty-five years of presenting. Through the AIDS epidemic, 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, and COVID-19 the show has gone on, offering established early-music […]

Lecture: Susan Hellauer

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Jim Crow and Zip Coon: Racial Stereotypes in American Popular Music More than a century of musical entertainment rooted in blackface performance and the minstrel show created deep and destructive stereotypes about African Americans that persist to this day. Susan Hellauer traces the development of these racist themes through American popular music from the first blackface hit, Jump […]

Music Before 1800: Diderot String Quartet

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From Russia with Love: String Quartets for Catherine the Great The Diderot String Quartet’s energetic performers Johanna Novom, Adriane Post, Kyle Miller, and Paul Dwyer find themselves irresistibly drawn to unusual 17th- and 18th-century repertory. They have selected a fresh sounding quartet by Anton Ferdinand Titz, a favorite composer of Catherine the Great, doyenne of […]

Music Before 1800: Aya Hamada, harpsichord

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Portraits et Caractères: Couperin, Rameau, Duphly “Acrobatic finesse” describes Aya Hamada’s performances, whether in solo, concerto, or chamber pieces. She has assembled works by the great keyboard masters d’Agincourt, Couperin, Rameau, Duphly, and Forqueray. The music conjures up an evening worthy of an 18th-century Parisian salon: effervescent portraits and character pieces, flights of fancy that bring to mind […]

Music Before 1800: Peter Sykes

Corpus Christi Church 529 West 121st Street, New York

Byways and Backwaters: German Harpsichord Music Not by J. S. Bach World-renowned and versatile keyboardist Peter Sykes has come up with a twist on the ubiquitous Bach recital. He will play sonatas and suites in fashionable French or Italian style by Bach’s contemporaries, Graupner, Mattheson, Marpurg, and others—some better known than Bach was in his […]

Music Before 1800: Martin Bernstein & Justin Taylor

Corpus Christi Church 529 West 121st Street, New York

Plein Jeu  The prizewinning virtuosos Martin Bernstein, recorders, and Justin Taylor, harpsichord, will perform a century of French Baroque chamber and solo keyboard works that mesh the instrumental timbres to perfection. Intimate conversations emerge when the keyboard’s left and right hands or the treble and bass of the two instruments are joined together. Music ranges […]