International Alumni Perspectives on COVID

This past spring, six alumni from across the globe gathered to participate in “International Perspectives on COVID-19: Alumni Voices from the Field,” a virtual roundtable convened by Rosella Garcia, Senior Director of Alumni Relations. They spoke about how their governments had dealt with the pandemic, how recent events had affected their personal and professional lives, and how lessons from TC inspired them as they adjusted to the “new normal.” Now, six months later, we are grateful to have these alumni with us again to provide updates from their regions. Our speakers include Kevin Jian (M.A. ‘16) in Shanghai, China; Joohee Son (Ed.D. ‘13) in Seoul, Korea; Vasily Popov (M.A. ‘95) in Rome, Italy; Johanna Brody (M.A. ‘11), in San Francisco, USA; Jeffrey Putman (Ed.D. ‘12) in New York City, USA; and Leticia Lyle (M.A. ‘11) in São Paulo, Brazil.

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