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Founded in 1924, the International House has built a rich history of bringing together students from around the world to share experiences and life lessons in peace building and understanding. International House was the first global community of its kind, predating the United Nations by 21 years. For more than 96 years it has transformed the lives of more than 65,000 Alumni, which include not only Nobel Prize winners, heads of state, award-winning authors, singers, actors, and CEOs, but teachers, doctors, small business owners, community leaders and volunteers throughout the world.  The International House achieves their mission of preparing leaders for the global community by building core values of Respect, Empathy, and Moral Courage through a lived experience that consists of organic encounters and a series of unparalleled programs offered within the Morningside Heights facilities. Each year, more than 700 carefully selected graduate students and interns, from 100 countries, share a residential community and participate in leadership training and diverse intellectual and cultural programs. They study or train at more than 70 academic and professional institutions in New York in fields as varied as financial engineering, musical performance, historic preservation and public health. I-House residents learn essential skills to become future leaders in business, government, the arts and other professions. 500 Riverside Drive New York, NY 10027 Telephone: 212-316-8400 Website:

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