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Innovative Telescope Will Be Inaugurated for High-Energy Astronomy

astronomyphysicsSTEM AMADO, Ariz. and Barnard College, NEW YORK, January 16, 2019 – A new telescope, the first of its kind, will be unveiled Thursday on its journey to helping scientists capture faint traces of some of the most distant and explosive events in the universe. At a ceremony at the Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory in Amado, Arizona, researchers will present the prototype Schwarzschild-Couder Telescope (pSCT), an advanced instrument for studying supernovas […]

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New Research from Pres. Sian Beilock Helps Students Excel on Science Exams

college presidenteducationSTEM A new study released today reveals that helping lower-income high school freshman to regulate their test-taking anxiety can cut their biology course failure rates in half. The study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and conducted by Barnard College President Sian Leah Beilock and her research team found that brief pre-exam de-stressing strategies could reduce the performance gap often seen between lower-income and higher income students.

“It’s […]

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Barnard College & Mailman School of Public Health Create Pathways for More Women in Public Health

columbiahealth & wellnessstudents Dean Linda Fried of the Mailman School of Public Health, President Sian Leah Beilock, and Provost Linda Bell together with faculty and students at the announcement of the new programBarnard announced a new opportunity for students interested in public health to complete both a Bachelor of Arts from Barnard and a Master of Public Health degree from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health in five years, enabling […]

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Meet Barnard’s Student Athletes: Diver Seanna Barrett ’19 Goes Deeper

athleticsstudents Diver Seanna Barrett ’19One of the many things students value about their Barnard experience is the opportunity to compete in NCAA Division I Athletics through the Columbia/Barnard Athletic Consortium. Barnard is the only women’s college—and one of only a few liberal arts colleges—to offer Division I athletics. This is the next installment in our scholar-athlete series. (Our most recent profile was of rowers Elizabeth Neuhauser ’22 & Maya Hartleben ’19.)

We interviewed Seanna Barrett […]

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Faculty & Barnard College Honored With Major Grants

Faculty members from the departments of anthropology and pyschology were recently selected to receive significant research grant awards that will support them in collaborative research or honor them for their committment to their field of study. The College also received funding to further aid in current and future programs. 

Professor Paige West
Claire Tow Professor of Anthropology Paige West, in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy, received grant funding from the Science for Nature and People Partnership (SNAPP) for […]

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Statement on Race-Related Incident at Columbia University

Our students’ safety and well-being is of the utmost concern to the College. Following the incident early Sunday morning on Columbia University’s campus in which a group of mostly black students (many from Barnard) were verbally harassed by a Columbia student advocating racist beliefs, Barnard College has banned the student depicted in the video from our campus.

This decision was in direct response to Barnard students’ reports of race-related harassment and discrimination […]

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Denouncing Racism

Community Messages The following email was sent to Barnard students on December 9, 2018:

Dear Barnard Students:

We regret to inform you of an incident that occurred early yesterday morning on the Columbia University campus in which a group of mostly black students (many from Barnard) were verbally harassed by a Columbia student advocating racist beliefs. This hateful speech and reprehensible behavior, which is under investigation, is an act of aggression and racism […]

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Children Do Better in Math When Parents Conquer Their Own Math Fears

college presidentSTEM A new study, led by Barnard College President Sian Leah Beilock, a nationally recognized cognitive scientist who studies the pressures children face in school, reveals that when parents who are anxious about math engage in an interactive math app with their children, their children’s math achievement improves for the long term. The study, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, followed children from first through third grade and also […]

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Meet Barnard’s Student Athletes: Rowers Elizabeth Neuhauser ’22 & Maya Hartleben ’19

athleticsstudents One of the many aspects students value about their Barnard experience is the opportunity to compete in NCAA Division I Athletics through the Columbia/Barnard Athletic Consortium. Barnard is the only college for women—and one of only a few liberal arts colleges in the country—to offer Division I athletics.

The interviews below are the next installment in our 2018-19 scholar-athlete series. Barnard women have an excellent showing on this year’s women’s rowing […]

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Sigrid Nunez ’72 Wins National Book Award

alumnaeliterature & poetry Sigrid Nunez ’72 has won the 2018 National Book Award for fiction for her novel The Friend. The New York Times called The Friend, a story of the magical bond between a woman and her dog, “dry, allusive, and charming.” 
Nunez is also the author of the novels Salvation City, The Last of Her Kind, A Feather on the Breath of God, and For Rouenna, among others. She has […]

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The Year of the Woman

activismalumnaeelectionsgovernmentpolitics The year 2018, like 1992, has been dubbed “The Year of the Woman,” due in large part to a record-breaking number of women running for office. Barnard alumnae, who have long been known for their commitment to trailblazing activism and political engagement, were no exception. Below is a selection of Barnard women who sought elected office this year.

Mindy Domb ’81. Photo by Tess Domb SadofMindy Domb ’81 ran a successful […]

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Faculty & College Awarded Major Grants

Two Barnard faculty members recently received major research grant awards, enabling them to continue existing studies. The College also received several major grants that support current and future programs. 

Professor John GlendinningJohn Glendinning, Ann Whitney Olin professor of biology, received an award from Comet Biorefining to continue his research on the “Metabolic impacts of corn- vs. wood-based sugars on mice.”



Prof. Stephen SturleyStephen Sturley, term assistant professor in the Department of Biology, received National Institutes of Health funding […]

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Meet Barnard’s Student Athletes: Alana Palomino ’22, Field Hockey

athleticsstudents One of the many aspects students value about their Barnard experience is the opportunity to compete in NCAA Division I Athletics through the Columbia-Barnard Athletic Consortium. Barnard is the only women’s college—and one of only a few liberal arts colleges—to offer Division I athletics. This is the second feature in our 2018-19 scholar-athlete series. (Our most recent feature was of rowers Chloe Keating ’19 and Anneliese Gallagher ’19.)
Photo: Mike McLaughlinHere […]

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Introducing the Barnard Inclusion Grant

Community Messagesdiversity The following email was sent to the Barnard community on Nov. 5, 2018:

Dear Members of the Barnard Community,

We are pleased to announce the Barnard Inclusion Grant, a new initiative by Barnard’s Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to finance projects and events that help enhance inclusion efforts across our community. 

This grant fund, administered through the Council, is open to all faculty, staff, and students. You are invited to submit […]

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Barnard Raises Nearly $750,000 on Giving Day 2018


During Giving Day 2018, Columbia University’s annual 24-hour online fund drive, Barnard broke last year’s record by raising a total of $749,348.


Thanks to generous alumnae, students, and friends of the College, the College received 2,104 gifts (30.44% more than last year) and had the third-highest alumni participation rate of all 19 schools and programs that took part. Nearly 13% of Barnard’s Class of 2019 participated in this year’s Senior Fund, an excellent […]

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Isabelia Herrera '14: Moving to a Different Beat

alumnaecaribbean, central and south america Isebelia Herrera ’14


One of the most-streamed music genres in the world today is one that was long marginalized as the music of Latin America’s black underclass: reggaeton, the Spanish-language club staple with an infectious beat and sexy, good-times lyrics. That may come as a surprise to many. But to Isabelia Herrera ’14, music editor at the influential Latin culture website Remezcla.com, it makes perfect sense.   

“We’re […]

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President Beilock Discusses Math Anxiety at TedMed Talk

college presidentpsychologySTEM President Sian Leah Beilock is a nationally recognized cognitive scientist who has conducted extensive research on math anxiety, with a specific focus on women and girls. At TedMed 2017, she spoke about the origins of her passion for cognitive science—an important soccer match gone awry—and highlighted her research on improving performance and reducing math anxiety. Brain scans, she said, have shown neural pain responses similar to physical pain in some […]

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Barnard College Announces Promotion of Jomysha Stephen ’96 to Vice President for Legal Affairs

Jomysha Delgado Stephen ’96NEW YORK, Sept. 18, 2018 — Barnard College has appointed Jomysha Delgado Stephen ’96 as vice president for legal affairs. Stephen has been essential to Barnard’s staff for 15 years as Chief of Staff to the President and in the General Counsel’s office, serving under three presidents, and in pioneering this new role at the College, she is the highest-ranking Hispanic person at the College.

Barnard College is one […]

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2018 Constitution Day Quiz & Lecture

government Student Life is celebrating Constitution Day (September 17) with a quiz and a get-out-the-vote drive where students can acquire information and forms to register in New York or apply for an absentee ballot in their home state. Professor Emeritus of History Herbert Sloan is also marking the occasion with an evening lecture.

Constitution Day is a federal observance recognizing the adoption of the United States Constitution. It falls on September 17, the day in 1787 that delegates to […]

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Convocation Jubilation: Barnard Celebrates the New Academic Year

alumnaestudents In one of Barnard College’s favorite traditions, this year’s Convocation ceremony took place on September 13, 2018, in the majestic and historic Riverside Church. Hundreds of students, trustees, faculty, staff, distinguished guests, and alumnae going back to the Class of 1947 participated in this college-wide celebration. Ninety-six alumnae marched in the ceremonial procession dressed in academic regalia and carrying class flags, cheered on by new and returning students.

Convocation 2018 Barnard […]

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