Message of Concern for Our Community

Dear fellow members of the Columbia community:I was devastated by the horrific attack on Israel this weekend and the ensuing violence that is affecting so many people. Unfortunately, at this moment, little is certain except that the fighting and human suffering are not likely to end soon.I know many members of our community are being impacted in profound ways and I want to assure each of you that Columbia will provide any measure of care or comfort that we can. This is your community, and you are not alone.Since Saturday, our first priority has been to make sure everyone connected to Columbia is safe and to provide logistical support and other types of resources for students, staff, and faculty who are directly affected by the conflict. We are in close touch with students, staff, alumni, and faculty throughout the region. I have included a list of university resources below.I am gratified by and grateful for the skill, agility, and care that I have witnessed by professionals across Columbia. Colleagues in our community have shown great sensitivity and leadership, including staff at the Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life, our leaders in the Earl Hall Center for Religious Life, and the various student support teams across our schools.Many of you have reacted to these terrifying events by pulling closer your friends, classmates, and relatives whose sense of security was shattered. These acts of kindness and empathy represent the best of Columbia and exemplify what we as a community can contribute to this moment. I encourage you to continue gathering, supporting each other, and listening to one another in the days ahead.As a global university, we are devoted to examining and debating difficult issues that affect our world. Our job is to educate, enlighten, and engage. We must reject forces that seek to pull us apart and model behavior that shows respect for all. I welcome events like the SIPA webinar scheduled for tomorrow, examining the evolving situation in Israel and Gaza. I strongly encourage Columbia faculty to find ways of bringing clarity and context to this painful moment, just as you contribute your expertise and scholarship to other great challenges of our time.I am committed to ensuring that these values are reflected in our teaching, our research, and our community support.Sincerely,Minouche ShafikPresident, Columbia UniversityUniversity ResourcesFor students:University Counseling and Psychological Services        – Morningside / Manhattanville Campuses: (212) 854-2878        – CUIMC Campus: (212) 305-3400Students currently abroad may call International SOS and ask to speak to an Enhanced Emotional Support Counselor at (215) 942-8478.University Health Services        – Morningside / Manhattanville Campuses: Columbia Health:        – CUIMC Campus: Student Health on Haven: of the University Chaplain: https://ouc.columbia.eduOffice of Religious Life: Students and Scholars Office: Life: For faculty and staff:Columbia Employee Assistance Program: of the University Chaplain: https://ouc.columbia.eduOffice of Religious Life: Students and Scholars Office:

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