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Amsterdam News

Amsterdam News is a broad look at culture, community and news.  You can read about it’s amazing start of only $10, more than a century ago, on its About link. There is practically something there for everyone. The site covers local, national, and international news including politics and religion.  If you are a Union member, there are several unions covered under the Union Matters link.  They have an impressive Education link that covers a variety of topics.  The Arts & Entertainment link will keep you reading for hours.  Their Health, Sports and Black History links are also very in depth. If you are a foodie, try the AMNewsFood in the Offerings section.  Not only do they talk about recipes, and local restaurants, but they also talk about travels to places outside of the New York area! So, why were there so many items from the site’s Menu Bar listed? Because, there were so many interesting things to see and talk about there! You should really take time to explore the site for yourself. Also, they have many other social media platforms.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, SoundCloud and Spotify… Oh, they also have a podcast.  All are available from the main website.  Enjoy!


Columbia Neighbors

Columbia Neighbors is a website for news, information, and events generally focused on the Upper Manhattan area.  It is associated with Columbia University and it is a great resource for the area.  Their E-News (electronic newsletter) is sent out/ updated twice a month and will keep you informed of the happenings.  Manhattanville is a focal point on the site as well as their Shop & Dine Local link. Manhattanville is the new urban campus for Columbia University.  You can read about its development over the years on their History link. The Shop & Dine Local page shows support to locally owned restaurants, shops, and businesses.  If you are a local business owner and would like your business included in their directory, you are encouraged to contact The areas generally covered are East Harlem, Central Harlem, West Harlem and Morningside Heights.  The directory categories range from Apparel to Miscellaneous. Visit, shop, explore!


Experience Harlem

The Experience Harlem website tells a story visually.  If you like pictures, then this is the site for you!  The photos on the site and in the site’s articles are bold, vibrant and full of rich colors. It’s New York!  It draws you in–to make you want to know what’s happening.  The website covers a wide range of topics and has a unique collection of guides for the area. Their Blog include posts which are rich in culture and explore the traditions and businesses of Harlem.  This is a great site to explore the culture and history of the Harlem area.  The Instagram page alone is well worth the visit. It is an interesting collection of images that display detailed descriptions when you click them. Their other social media platforms are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  All can be navigated by visiting the main site.


Harlem4Kids (newsletter)

Harlem 4 Kids (H4K) is a parent-run, non-profit organization, based and grounded in mutual respect and understanding.  It is an online group that seeks to network with Harlem families to “enrich the lives of families through creative programs that celebrate cultural diversity.”  All this is laid out and explained on the organization’s About H4K page. Once community parents join the online group, they will be able to talk with other members of the community about various topics and collaborate to build support for the community. Their other social media platforms are Facebook and Twitter.  Links are available on the organization’s site.


Harlem One Stop

Harlem One Stop is an excellent source of information with a focus on New York’s Harlem and Upper Manhattan areas.  Information is included on the site for the following neighborhoods: Central Harlem, East Harlem, Manhattanville, Morningside Heights, Washington Heights/Inwood, West Harlem / Hamilton Heights / and Sugar Hill. The site is very user friendly and very easy to navigate. Are you into tours? Do you want to know the latest news in the area? Or, maybe you want to find out about opportunities that might interest you.   The site has an awesome sidebar that includes a calendar, calendar links, features bar, and categories to help you find what you are looking for!  Some of the featured categories include: Restaurants | Cafes | Bars, Shopping, Special Events , and Theater… but you’ll want to check them all–just to see what’s there. This is a great site to discover information about culture and history. They have a social media presence on the platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram–which can all be found on the sidebar when you visit their website.


Harlem Patch

The Harlem Patch is an interesting, interactive feed on, that is all about Harlem/New York. is a local news type platform.  Harlem Patch is a feed from that platform that was created to inform readers about events, news and other activities in the Harlem area. The site’s navigation bar is useful in grouping the posts; however, remember that it is more of an information feed.  So, the details may vary. One of the features of the Harlem Patch is that you as a reader can either post a question; or share a news story/lead once you signup/signin to the platform.  For those who like to interact and be part of the news making process, this site is for you!


Manhattan Community Board 9 Announcements

The Manhattan Community Board 9 Announcements is the announcement page for the Community Board 9 website: The Announcement page link has a variety of meetings listed to inform the public of upcoming dates and times.  It also lists employment opportunities and available social service programs in the area.  The layout and design of the Announcement page is simple and straightforward. Making it very easy to quickly scan and locate information. The Community Board 9 site is a great resource site for the community.  It is designed so that city services can be found and are accessible to the needs of all in the community, individuals, groups, organizations and businesses in West Harlem.   The Menu Bar at the very top of the Home page (menu in the deep red or burgundy colored band) seems to be the primary resource menu bar for the community.  Although it disappears when you scroll down the page, it quickly returns when you scroll back to the top.  The links in the blue band seem to be more related to the Community Board 9 organization.  Either menu would be helpful if you are new to the area or thinking of becoming a business owner in the community.



Are you interested in knowing what’s going on around you, literally?  Then, NextDoor is a social networking service that you might be interested in.  After filling in your information, or signing in with your Google, Facebook or Apple account information, you will be able to see posts made by other Nextdoor members /users living in the same neighborhood.


Uptown Collective Newsletter

Uptown Collective is a cultural weekly newsletter distributed over the MailChimp platform.  The stories and posts have a personal feel and are very informative.  Past issues of the newsletter are available by clicking on the Past Issues link on the top left of the main page. The newsletter is an extension of the website.  You can read about the purpose of UptownCollective and their mission on the About link.  It is a collaboration of writers, artists, photographers, actors, entrepreneurs, activists and filmmakers. Eat Up. Drink Up. is their version of places to eat and drink in the area.  The posts and content are shared over their social media platforms like Instagram. It’s innovative and informative.  Definitely make this a link to visit when you go to the site!

West Side Rag

The West Side Rag is an online news source covering mostly the Upper West Side of New York City.  It truly covers a variety of topics and is a good source of information for the community.  News, Art, Openings and Closings, Real Estate and History are all areas covered and listed in its Navigation Menu. Their Food link is practically a guide within itself.  The posts and stories venture into the life of the restaurants, owners and workers. It explores street venders (streeteries), and other dining experiences and tells you the reader about them.  Maybe you’ll be inspired to try them for yourself!  Have you ever had a vegetable taco? Or, Chicken Vindaloo?… I haven’t.  But, it sounds tasty!  I can’t wait to try it! West Side Rag’s other social media platforms are: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  All are accessible from the main web page. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the area or a long term resident, you will more than likely find something useful and interesting on the site.