Columbia University Self-Guided Walking Tour

If you'd enjoy a self-directed tour of the remarkable Columbia University campus, let us recommend this engaging podcast audio tour.  The tour is narrated by Andrew Dolkart; a very well respected New York City architectural historian, and a Professor of architectural history in the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation who offers just the right mix of verbal description and detail. Even if you are a first time visitor to the campus, you don't need to worry about getting lost during his tour; the narrator does such a good job of directing you from site to site that it almost feels as if he's right alongside you, giving you the tour in person. There seemed to be a couple of major points that Professor Dolkart wanted to make clear to the visitors of Columbia's campus; The first being that the campus layout was designed by the architectural firm of McKim, Mead, and White. Secondly, Low Library is considered [...]

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St. John the Divine Highlights Tour

One great way to check out all of the spectacular history, architecture, and artwork that the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine has to offer is to take a public "highlights tour" of the cathedral. The tours are about an hour long, and are offered on Mondays at 11 am and 2 pm; on Tuesdays-Saturdays at 11 am and 1 pm; and on Sundays beginning at 1 pm. The public highlights tour only costs $6/person and $5 for students/seniors, so it's a great, inexpensive way for individuals or groups of people to experience the picturesque Gothic Revival architectural style of the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. Photo courtesy of For more information on tours, you can call the the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine at 212 932-7347. If you would like more general information about the Cathedral, you can visit their webpage.

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Young Adult Internship Program

This post is to inform you of PAID INTERNSHIP opportunities with the Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation's Young Adult Internship Program. Applications Are Being Accepted Now! Earn Up To $2,500 in 14 Weeks Cannot be enrolled in school for the fall NMIC's YAIP program is funded by the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development. Our goal is to match disconnected Young Adults ages 17-24 with 14 week paid internships in the field of their interest and job readiness training. To be eligible applicant must be: Ages 17-24 Not enrolled in school, not attending a GED or employment assistance program Must be unemployed May not have received Associates or Bachelor's degrees Applicants do not need H.S diploma or GED to be eligible Interested applicants must: Come to our Washington Heights office at 76 Wadsworth Avenue (2nd floor) to apply in person. Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 9AM-2PM. Must Bring: State ID Birth Certificate SS Card Proof of Address [...]

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About Open House NY Weekend

To celebrate the city’s architecture and design, the 11th Annual openhousenewyork Weekend will once again unlock the city, allowing New Yorkers and tourists alike free access hundreds of sites talks, tours, performances and family activities in neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs. From private residences and historic landmarks, to hard hat tours and sustainable skyscrapers, OHNY gives you rare access into the extraordinary architecture that defines New York City, while introducing you to the people who make the city a vibrant and sustainable place to live, work, and play. Visit Website > Facebook |  Twitter    

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Summer Internships

Summer Internships for Local High School Students offers paid summer internships for high school students from the local community and upper level students at the Columbia Secondary School (CSS) for Math, Science, and Engineering. For more information, see: Internships

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Riverside Park

Riverside Park is Manhattan's most spectacular waterfront park, stretching four miles from 72nd to 158th Streets along the Hudson River. Since 1875, the landscapes of Frederick Law Olmsted have offered escape from the city and opportunities for people of all incomes to relax, play and socialize in tranquil settings. His design for Riverside Drive made it is one of the most beautiful boulevards in the world, affording views of the Hudson River along its serpentine route. The park offer the best view if you walk to 108th Street. The park contains a variety of monuments throughout its expanse. Located at 93rd Street and Riverside Drive, the over life-size bronze statue of Joan of Arc features her in armor, holding aloft her sword and standing in the saddle of her warhorse. The Firemen’s Memorial, a 19 foot long by 8 foot wide sarcophagus erected on a granite plaza, with a fountain and a bronze bas-relief [...]

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West Harlem Community Benefits Agreement

On May 18, 2009, Columbia University President Lee Bollinger and the President of the West Harlem Local Development Corporation (WHLDC) signed the West Harlem Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) marking a unique partnership between the University and the residents in Manhattan’s Community District 9. The agreement, along with commitments made to the City and the State over the course of the formal approval processes for the Manhattanville expansion project, encompasses not only a financial commitment on the part of the University, but also a commitment of both “in-kind” resources and advice and guidance on a range of issues and programs. While much of the CBA relates to financial or physical resources, the University responded to community desire to not simply focus on cash benefits, but to develop a more substantial relationship between the community and the academic resources of the University, especially with Columbia University's Office of Government and Community Affairs.  GCA, working with Office of the [...]

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Church of Notre Dame History, Art, and Architecture

The Church of Notre Dame began in 1910 - not first as a church, but as a chapel; not first as a parish, but as a mission. It is hard to realize, looking at the busy, cosmopolitan area of Morningside Heights today, that not so many years ago, even within the memories of some still living, this area was undeveloped with open land and a sparse population. That, however, was the case as Notre Dame began life as a mission of the Church of St. Vincent de Paul (on West 24th Street). A French community of priests, the Fathers of Mercy, was entrusted with the care of this mission in the early years of this century as there were many French immigrants in this community. In time the French community was integrated with other ethnic groups that found Notre Dame to be their home: Irish, German, Italian, African-American, Hispanic and Filipino. Notre Dame today [...]

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Church of Notre Dame French Mass

In October 2012 Timothy Cardinal Dolan announced the closing of the French National Church, St. Vincent de Paul, on January 6th 2013, after the celebration of the last Mass on the Feast of the Epiphany. It was celebrated to an overflowing crowd by Msgr. John Paddack, appointed transitional Pastor of St. Vincent de Paul. The Francophone community has been invited to open a new chapter in their 170 year history of religious tolerance and social justice by making their new home at the Church of Notre Dame. Notre Dame is an integral part of that long history of St. Vincent de Paul. In 1910, it was built as a Mission Church of St. Vincent de Paul and was staffed by the same French Fathers of Mercy. The present diverse congregation of Notre Dame and Columbia University Catholic Campus Ministry is proud to welcome their brothers and sisters in faith and history to Morningside Heights. [...]

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