Riverside Park

Riverside Park is Manhattan's most spectacular waterfront park, stretching four miles from 72nd to 158th Streets along the Hudson River. Since 1875, the landscapes of Frederick Law Olmsted have offered escape from the city and opportunities for people of all incomes to relax, play and socialize in tranquil settings. His design for Riverside Drive made it is one of the most beautiful boulevards in the world, affording views of the Hudson River along its serpentine route. The park offer the best view if you walk to 108th Street. The park contains a variety of monuments throughout its expanse. Located at 93rd Street and Riverside Drive, the over life-size bronze statue of Joan of Arc features her in armor, holding aloft her sword and standing in the saddle of her warhorse. The Firemen’s Memorial, a 19 foot long by 8 foot wide sarcophagus erected on a granite plaza, with a fountain and a bronze bas-relief [...]