Rethinking Organizational Change Management in 2020

For decades, organizations have commissioned change management plans and programs to assist teams undergoing transition. These programs were typically developed to align with a company’s updated operating model, corporate vision, or customer expectations. But in 2020, the confluence of many societal issues – including the Global Pandemic, a renewed focus on anti-racism, and political dynamics – spurred organizations to find new ways to embrace change. Opportunities emerged to rethink how we think about and lead employees during times of transition.

In this interactive session, attendees will reflect on their own journey in 2020 as a way to explore the landscape of change management. We will examine assumptions about the most common change management practices and consider how approaching shifts – especially sudden or unexpected ones – in more human-centered ways can benefit organizations and teams going forward. Based on Erin Hilgart’s (Ed.D. ’18) research about how professionals successfully upskill and shift for changing expectations in the workplace, attendees will consider how they may evolve their approach as leaders of change in organizations, and as professionals preparing for their own professional path, in 2021 and beyond.

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