Symposium: Pioneering Visions for Access and Equity in Dance Education


Forging a path for the future, the inaugural Arnhold Institute symposium looks to seminal, Black histories that, though they have largely been ignored, have shaped the field of dance and dance education at T.C. and beyond. Four guest scholars will present research examining 100 years of history and celebrate two significant pioneers of color who laid the groundwork for access and equity in the then-nascent field:

Charles H. Williams (1886-1978) & Beryl McBurnie, La Belle Rosette (1913-2000)




  • John Perpener III, Ph.D. – African American Dancers and the Harlem Renaissance
  • Mary Ann Laverty, Ph.D. – Charles H Williams and the Hampton Institute Creative Dance Group
  • Judy Raymond – Beryl McBurnie’s Dance of Discovery
  • Ojeya Cruz Banks, Ph.D. – Revisioning Dance through Black/African/Indigenous perspectives

How to Attend

You can RSVP at HERE

The Symposium will be broadcast on April 8th, 5:30 to 8:30 pm EDT. Register for the event to receive reminders and direct links to the broadcast.

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