Tag - African

La Savane

A restaurant where you can go and enjoy African dishes. Specialties: Lamb Shanks, Grilled Fish, Chicken Dishes, Cassava, Grilled Lamb 239 W>>>

Africa Kine

Popular restaurant offering traditional West African comfort food in a modest environment.

Safari Restaurant NYC

In the heart of South Harlem, on the block commonly known as Le Petit Senegal, stands an East African gem. The surrounding neighborhood>>>

Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant

People in this neighborhood should not have to go away from home to eat delicious, healthy food. We put care into all the dishes we make.

Ponty Bistro

We have combined our Senegalese and West African cooking traditions with current culinary practices to create enticing dishes that reflect>>>


Ethiopian fare, including rich stews & injera bread, are dished in a basic setting.


Pizza fans trek to this no-frills Midwood storefront & queue up to partake of its storied slices.


Modern, upscale Lower Harlem setting for Ethiopian cuisine, including stews eaten with injera bread.

The Morningside Heights neighborhood is home to the world's leading academic and religious institutions who together, create a truly unique community in which to live, learn, and grow.

Morningside Area Alliance facilitates partnerships between members and is a go-to source for neighborhood information.

Officers of the Board

Brent Dickman, President & Treasurer

Paula Mayo, Vice President

Isadora Wilkenfeld, Secretary


Executive Committee Members

Paula Mayo, Chair | Brent Dickman | Ariana González Stokas | Isadora Wilkenfeld

Committees & Roundtable Leadership

Matthew Camp, Chair: Policy Responders

Brent Dickman, Chair: Finance

Robin Reese, Chair: Communications

Isadora Wilkenfeld, Chair: Nominations