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SHARE’s A Second Helping of Life

A Second Helping of Life is SHARE's annual tasting event to help women facing breast or ovarian cancer. Hosted this year by Amy Robach of ABC News' 20/20, A Second Helping of Life features signature dishes by NYC's top women chefs like Alex Guarnaschelli, assisted by celebrity sous chefs. Tickets are on sale now! 100% proceeds help SHARE support women facing a life-altering diagnosis of cancer.

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Starbucks was founded by Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Siegel, opening it's first in 1971 across the street from the historic Pike Place Market in Seattle. The three Starbucks founders had two things in common, they were coming from academia, and they all loved coffee and tea   Address 321 W 110th St New York,NY 10026   Website



Clay is humble, of the earth. It is fluid and ever changing. So too, is our menu – driven by the seasons, by our moods and by whatever is fresh and exciting in the moment. 553 Manhattan Avenue New York, New York 10025 Website: Menu:  


Richie’s Burger Joint

Richie Schatz joined the family business at an early age…  passionate about the legacy of his family business, he has worked side by side with his father, through out his life and full time for the last 10 years. He has created Richie’s burger Rub, A hearty and home cooked prepared food menu for take out and now most recently Richie’s Burger Joint, with opening of their new location at 2665 Broadway between 101st & 102nd St.

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Friedman's  is the ideal spot for homestyle comfort food with a huge selection of gluten free options. A little about us & the culture that has been created… Friedmans is a family run business, which operates locations throughout New York City. Friedmans was named after the famous economist Milton Friedman who popularized the phrase, “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”. This phrase has gone on to be used in science, economics, finance, statistics, technology, sports, & now food. However, to put it simply, “to get one thing we like, we usually have to give up another thing we like.” The original store opened in 2009 in the Chelsea Market. One of the pioneers Vanessa had been diagnosed with celiac disease and had to eat gluten-free. So when the first location opened she was vocal about making it a gluten-free safe haven for her and her celiac peers. She was adamant that there be [...]

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