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Guide to Student Hiring and Engagement Resources for Your Organization - COMPREHENSIVE PRINT VERSION Morningside Heights is a unique community where academic institutions and nonprofit organizations learn and work together. Among our many assets…

Szechuan Gourmet

Authentic Szechuan cuisine!

Xi'an Famous Foods

As a family-owned business, we hope to reintroduce the world to the unique cuisine of our hometown: liangpi “cold skin” noodles, lamb pao mo soup, and wide hand-pulled “biang biang” noodles, all in its most authentic form.

Zhong Hua

Dumplings and Moo Shu for all!

Good Taste

A Chinese restaurant that provides a variety of entrees.

Great China Restaurant

A Asian restaurant that is clean and competent when making the food.


A restaurant where Chinese food is served.

China Place

No-frills takeout dishing up Chinese & Japanese standards, including sushi, from an extensive menu.

West Place

No-frills counter-serve restaurant with a selection of Chinese standbys.

Flor De Mayo

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For a twist on traditional Chinese takeout, Flor de Mayo offers over 30 years of combination Peruvian and Chinese cuisine. As one of the few remaining Chino-Latino restaurants in NYC, Flor de Mayo provides selections crafted by their chef's…

Zheng's River Restaurant

Inexpensive Chinese Take out.


This relaxed Chinese eatery serves Sichuan standards in a basic setting & offers delivery.

Hong Cheong Kitchen

A Chinese restaurant that serves classic Asian dishes and delivers.

Hunan Chen

A local Chinese restaurant that always prepares fresh food.

Peking Garden

A classic Chinese Restaurant.


Chinese restaurant serving spicy Sichuan fare, booze & happy-hour specials in a slick, casual space.