Taps and Shoves: Sakura Park at Midnight | Performed by Will Evans, Composed by Jacob Leibowitz

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YouTube video

VIDEO! Enjoy this work by MSM composition student Jacob Leibowitz (BM ’23), performed by MSM Jazz Arts student Will Evans (BM ’23). The piece is inspired by the statue of General Butterfield in Sakura Park. He’s considered to be the author of “Taps.”
Says Jacob:
“The piece was inspired by the statue and a late-night music making session I had with some friends in Sakura park. There’s something really beautiful about the tune. During the Civil War both the North and the South used it in their funeral processionals. I think this demonstrates a sort of universality to it.
The video was made by filming Will Evans in different positions on the stage, and then splicing the different videos together. None of this would have been possible without Dan Rorke, the recording engineer helping on this project.”

Thanks a lot to Will Evans for being a part of this project!JacobLeibowitz.comjacobleibowitz.bandcamp.com