This Former Athlete Is Working Toward a Career in Sports Management

mo ne davis columbia

Notebook is a Columbia News series that highlights just some of the many fascinating students who study at our University. 

With spring just around the corner, Mo’ne Davis will most likely be spending much of her time hitting the books on the grassy expanse between College Walk and Butler Library. The former Little League Baseball pitcher and college softball player has had such an impressive career already that The New York Times did a profile of her in September 2023. Davis plans to spend her last semester at Columbia enjoying all New York has to offer.

When are you graduating from Columbia? Which school, and what is your degree?

I graduate in May of 2024 from the School of Professional Studies. My master’s degree will be in Sports Management. 

What was your path to Columbia?

At a young age, I knew I wanted to be around sports, first as a professional athlete, and then as a journalist, which is why I got my undergraduate degree in journalism at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia. When COVID-19 hit, I had time to think about my future. I ultimately decided on sports management, and I wanted to learn more about the business of sports. 

How do you like studying in New York? What are your favorite urban activities?

Studying in New York is cool. Usually, when it’s nice, my friends and I study on the grass in front of Butler Library. We like to get on the 1 train, and go downtown without a plan. It’s always better to just explore and find new places where we’ve never been before. There is so much to do in the city.

What do you hope to do after graduation?

I hope to be employed in the sports industry, working my way up to becoming part of a sports ownership group.

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