6: International House and Sakura Park

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Moving on from the academic institutions in the neighborhood, head up to Riverside Drive along West 122nd to view International House and take in the greenery of Sakura Park.

International House

Situated at 500 Riverside Drive, north on Riverside Drive, International House is the first building to the north of the church adjacent to Sakura Park. International House or I-House is a private, non-profit residence and program center for graduate students, scholars engaging in research, trainees and interns. International House’s 700 resident members live in a diverse residential community that promotes mutual respect, friendship, and leadership skills across cultures and fields of study.

Among I-House’s alumni have been some outstanding and accomplished figures of global renown that reflect the House’s diverse community, including Nobel prize winners and heads of state as well as award-winning authors, singers and actors.

Once you’re at International House, simply walk a little farther north to Sakura Park for a leisurely walk in the park.

Sakura Park

The park owes its name to the more than 2000 cherry trees delivered to parks in New York City from Japan in 1912. The ideal time to visit the park is during April, when on your walk through the park you’ll be surrounded by the cherry tree blossoms. On your visit to the park, look out for it idyllic gazebo, its play area for toddlers, and its pavilion, used as a performance space by the Manhattan School of Music.

International House

500 Riverside Drive
New York, NY 10027-3916
(212) 316-8400


A virtual tour of I-House’s interior is available here.

Sakura Park

Riverside Dr., Claremont Ave. To W. 122 St.

New York, NY 10027