IRT Subway System: 116th Street Station and 110th Street Station

The stations opened in 1904 The chief engineer was Samuel B. Parsons and the architects were Heins & LaFarge. Description: 110th Street Station: The subway interior was constructed with green elements mixed with pink, red, and buff. The white letters are in set in green mosaic tiles and the cornices are in a green faience. The decorative elements include moldings, brick wainscoting, and glazed tiles which include floral, foliate, and geometric motifs. 116th Street Station: The station is decorated with the seal of Columbia University made of cream and blue faience plaques. The seal depicts a woman holding the book of knowledge with children at her feet. The white letters that read “Columbia University” are encased with floral and geometric motifs. The decorative elements include mosaic tile, glazed tile, faience plaques and moldings, and brick wainscoting.