5a: What’s Next?


Now that you’ve finished visiting the distinguished Columbia University, head to Broadway. There you’ll find examples of New York’s infamous food truck scene – an excellent dining option for the walking tourist! Grab a cup of coffee and a snack and then plot your next stop on the tour.

You can either continue your Morningside tour north along Broadway or north along Claremont Avenue.

For your FIRST OPTION, our recommended route, you’ll leave Columbia from the exit by Earl Hall and cross the street to stop by the beautiful gates of Barnard College.

Barnard College

Barnard College is one of the nation’s most prestigious women’s colleges and a member of the Seven Sisters. Barnard College today is known for its alumni and their leadership in arts and politics. Notable alumnae include: Joan Rivers, Cynthia Nixon, and Martha Stewart.

From Barnard, you’ll find another prestigious academic institution in the neighborhood by walking north along Amsterdam Ave to 120th Street, where you will find yourself at Union Theological Seminary.

Union Theological Seminary

Union Theological Seminary, the next stop of your tour, is located in one of the most intellectual streets in the United States, Seminary Road, which is so named for Jewish Theological Seminary and the Union Theological Seminary. For more information on Seminary Road and its context as an academic hub among Morningside Height’s 11 academic institutions, check out our post “Academic Acropolis.”

Union Theological Seminary will be the fourth stop of your tour.

For your SECOND OPTION, the more scenic route, grab your cup o’ Joe, and head west from Earl Hall onto Claremont Avenue at West 116th Street. At the intersection of Claremont Avenue and Riverside Drive (the avenue west of Claremont), you will find two of the city’s grandest, curved, pre-war apartment buildings, at 440 Riverside Drive.

The Paterno

The Paterno, uniquely designed by renowned Morningside Height’s architects, Schwartz & Gross and built by the Paterno brothers in 1909, commands the northern side of West 116th Street and Riverside Drive with its handsome façade that curves towards Claremont Avenue and Columbia University. Its porte-cochere remains a stunning entrance a century later.

The sumptuous marble lobby with stain glass ceiling harkens back to its original elegance as one of the premier apartment houses of Morningside Heights. With sweeping views of the Hudson and Riverside Park the Paterno just might occupy the most desirable location on the Drive. Incorporated in 1979, this 13-story cooperative features 102 apartments and allows for 75% financing.

Interchurch Center and Riverside Church

From the Paterno, you’ll head up north on Riverside Drive, walking by the greenery to West 120th Street. There you will find the Interchurch Center and Riverside Church.

International House and Sakura Park

After exploring the artistic and architectural qualities of these religious centers, you’ll walk northeast onto Claremont Avenue, between 122nd Street and La Salle Street. North of West 122nd Street you will find International House, with steps leading into Sakura Park.

General Grant’s Tomb

You’ll then venture into Riverside Park, with the entrance across the street from Sakura Park, to explore General Grant’s Tomb.

Union Theological Seminary, Jewish Theological Seminary, and Manhattan School of Music

After General Grant’s Tomb, you’ll make the trek to West 122nd and Broadway to explore the neighborhood’s Academic Acropolis, where you will find, among the many institutions, Union Theological Seminary and the Jewish Theological Seminary, and the Manhattan School of Music, where you will end your tour listening to the musical melodies of New York’s most accomplished artistic talents.