What is Circularity?

What is circularity?

Circularity is a potent strategy that reduces emissions and waste while building local jobs and community resilience. From community compost to school uniform swaps to local repair shops to artists and designers using reclaimed materials, circularity is all around us, led by everyday New Yorkers working to make their city a better place.

How does circularity work?

Circularity is a simple concept. It means that when we create a product, we take into account the end of its life, where it will end up when we’re done with it. In a circular economy, once we finish with a product, we place it and its components right back into the supply chain instead of disposing of it in the world’s overwhelmed landfills. We design with the full life cycle in mind. We share, we reuse, and we repair.

Importantly, circularity puts the power to create a more sustainable future in the hands of every company, government, institution, and individual.

Circularity Day NYC 2023 recognizes that these simple practices can be leveraged as a powerful climate and economic strategy and represent our path to a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient city.

Are you, or do you know, someone who is leading the way on circularity in their business, their school, their community, or as an artist? Learn how to nominate a Circularity Champion here!