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Harlem Library
9 West 124th Street New York, NY 10027


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Jun 03 2024


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Formats (virtual, in person, hybrid)


Artist-in-Residence Workshops: “Creating in Color” with Roundabout Theatre Company

Join The New York Public Library and Roundabout Theatre Company’s Artist-in-Residence for 10 sessions of artistic workshops!

The workshops will be held in person at Harlem Library.

Join multi-hyphenate artists, Vickie Tanner, and Jennifer Varbalow, curate artistic workshops designed to spark the creative process. Craft and create your own story, essay, monologue, play, song, poem, speech, and/or theatrical performance pertaining to BIPOC identity: past, present, and future. We will explore primary sources from the Harlem Library and the production, Home at Roundabout Theatre Company, as well as various social justice movements and art movements, as inspirational spark points. In the following intergenerational workshops, participants will collaborate to create their own pieces exploring various artistic techniques which will culminate in communal sharing.

Essential Question: How are artists inspired by social movements, environment, and circumstances in creating art?


Free tickets to see Roundabout shows will be available, please see Library staff for more information. Supplies are limited.

START DATE: April 29, 2023

END DATE : July 15, 2023

IN-PERSON WORKSHOPS: Mondays starting at 3 PM

10 Workshop Sessions

Upcoming Artist-in-Residence dates:

  • Monday, June 3rd from 3pm-4:30pm
  • Monday, June 10th from 3pm-4:30pm
  • Monday, June 24th from 3pm-4:30pm
  • Monday, July 1st from 3-4:30pm – Please REGISTER HERE for July Sessions
  • Monday, July 8th from 3pm-4:30pm
  • Monday, July 15th from 3pm-5pm – Community Sharing

Space is limited | Registration is recommended but not required.  Register above with your email address. Walkups will be permitted as space accommodates.

Learn more about this year’s Roundabout Productions

Doubt A Parable John Patrick Shanley’s Pulitzer Prize- and Tony Award®-winning Best Play has blazed back to Broadway starring Academy Award® and Tony nominee Amy Ryan and Tony winner Liev Schreiber. This “excellent new revival, directed by Scott Ellis, affords the pleasure of watching two supremely good actors going toe to toe” (The Wall Street Journal). “Ryan and Schreiber are electric on Broadway” (Entertainment Weekly). The fireworks begin as the exacting principal of a Bronx Catholic school—feared by students and colleagues alike— suspects improper relations between a charismatic priest and a student. She’s forced to wrestle with what’s fact, what’s fiction, and just how far she’ll go to expose what she sees as the truth. As the New York Post says, “It keeps the audience guessing and second-guessing through the play’s famous final line.

Home In the Tony Award®-nominated play The New York Times calls “an uplifting folk ballad about the pure in heart,” Cephus Miles has the whole world in his callused hands—until his sweetheart Pattie Mae goes off to college and marries another man. Originally staged by the Negro Ensemble Company in 1979 and featured in the first year of Roundabout’s Refocus Project, Samm-Art Williams’ Home is a muscular and melodic coming-of-age story that gives voice to the unbreakable spirit of all Americans who have been searching for a place to belong. Kenny Leon (A Soldier’s Play) directs.