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Artivism: Navigating Diaspora: Teaching with Diverse Populations, with Jaizi Abedania

In this presentation, Jaizi Abedania will share her experience teaching diverse and historically underrepresented youth in San Francisco, Seattle, East Palo Alto, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Harlem, & Long Island NY. She hopes to engage conversation about the ways in which we, as a community of educators, can adapt our skills to an ever-expanding range of learning modalities, across and between disparate groups of learners. She will also look at the work of a few revolutionary artist-educators, as inspiration for our own creativity and pedagogy.

Jaizi Abedania is a lens-based, mixed-media artist and professor of digital imaging exploring intersecting concepts of identity, history, and migration through personal narrative. She has exhibited, taught, and practiced in San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Long Island, & Harlem, in support of artists and programs promoting accessibility to art and education.

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Artivism: The Power of Art for Social Transformation aims to generate community through multidisciplinary teamwork for a more dignified and meaningful coexistence. The overarching goal is to nurture confidence in taking continuous action from wherever we are by means of reciprocity.

All talks are online via Zoom and culminate in an annual multi-venue art expo.

Artivism: The Power of Art for Social Transformation is jointly sponsored by Adelphi University, Sing for Hope, and the Gottesman Libraries. A movement with committed social artivists, Artivism: The Power of Art Social Transformation, grew out of Illuminations of Social Imagination: Learning From Maxine Greene, (Dio Press, 2019), edited by Teachers College alumni Courtney Weida and Carolina Cambronero-Varela, and Dolapo Adeniji-Neill, of Adelphi University.


Apr 08 2024


4:30 pm - 5:30 pm


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