Aaron Davis Hall | City College Center for the Arts
Aaron Davis Hall | City College Center for the Arts, New York,129 Convent Avenue at West 135th Street


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May 16 2024


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Formats (virtual, in person, hybrid)


Limón Dance Company

Limón Dance Company, in collaboration with the City College Center for the Arts, invites you to an evening celebrating the humanity, resilience, and spirituality of José Limón. The program includes three Limón masterpieces speaking to the complexities of the human experience: The Exiles, A Suite of There is a Time and Missa Brevis.

Event Dates: May 16 & 17, 2024

Venue: Aaron Davis Hall, New York City

Tickets: General Admission $35, Students and Seniors (62+) $10

Featured Works:

• The Exiles: A virtuosic exploration of displacement and the universal journey toward the unknown, reflecting stories of immigrants and refugees with profound emotional depth.

• A Suite of There is a Time: Drawing from the timeless wisdom of Ecclesiastes, this masterwork captures the cyclical nature of human experience, emphasizing the power of community through expressive dance.

• Missa Brevis: A poignant tribute to human resilience amidst the ruins of WWII.

Witness the transformation from a historic company into a dynamic force of creative energy, exemplary governance, and inclusive dance pedagogy, making the Limón technique accessible to all.

Secure your seats to be part of a movement that transcends time—where past and future converge in a celebration of community, resilience, and artistic brilliance. The Limón Dance Company at Aaron Davis Hall is not just a performance; it’s a testament to the power of dance to connect, uplift, and inspire.

Book Now to ensure your place in this unforgettable journey through the legacy and future of American Modern dance.