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Manhattan School of Music
120 Claremont Ave

Most MSM performances are free. For ticketed performances - please note that all residents of the 10027 zip code can attend ticketed MSM performances free of charge. When a ticket order is placed by a patron in the 10027 zip code, the first two (2) tickets to any of MSM’s ticketed events are free. All additional tickets to the event will be charged at the regular price. For events with multiple performances, the promotion is limited to one performance date/time per event. Patrons must include their zip code in their MSM box office profile address or the promotion will not activate.



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Apr 13 2024


9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Formats (virtual, in person, hybrid)


MSM Precollege Performances

APR 13 | SAT

Carmel Lowenthal Piano Studio Recital
9:00 AM – Mikowsky Hall

Golda Tatz Piano Studio Recital
9:00 AM – Miller Recital Hall

Jeffrey Cohen Piano Student: Daniel Liu
10:00 AM – Mikowsky Hall

Tereza Lee Piano Studio Recital
10:00 AM – Miller Recital Hall

Katherine Fang Senior Flute Recital
10:00 AM – Pforzheimer Hall

Susan Deaver Chamber Music Recital
11:00 AM – Mikowsky Hall

Adeline Dunn Senior Composition Recital
11:00 AM – Miller Recital Hall

Robin Freund-Epstein Piano Studio Recital
12:00 PM – Mikowsky Hall

Susan Deaver Flute Studio Recital
12:00 PM – Pforzheimer Hall

Lauren Lin Senior Violin Recital
1:00 PM – Pforzheimer Hall

Byung Koo-Kwak Violin Student: Aria Kana
2:00 PM – Miller Recital Hall

Inesa Sinkevych Piano Studio Recital
2:00 PM – Mikowsky Hall

Elizabeth Levine Senior Violin Recital
2:00 PM – Pforzheimer Hall

Gemma Hinson Violin Studio Recital
3:00 PM – Mikowsky Hall

Ben Goodman Senior Voice Recital
3:00 PM – Miller Recital Hall

Daniela Bracchi Piano Studio Recital
4:00 PM – Mikowsky Hall

Kelly Sawatsky Student Recital: Isabella Moon
4:00 PM – Miller Recital Hall

Susan Deaver Flute Studio Recital
4:00 PM – Pforzheimer Hall

David Gordon Voice Studio Recital
5:00 PM – Room 707

Deidre O’Donohue Piano Studio Recital
5:00 PM – Mikowsky Hall

Joshua Kim Senior Voice Recital
5:00 PM – Pforzheimer Hall

Renee Rosen Clarinet Studio Recital
5:30 PM – Rahm Hall

Adam Kent Piano Studio Recital
6:00 PM – Room 707

Anat Almani Malkin & Isaac Malkin Violin/Viola Studio Recital
6:00 PM – Room 329


Manhattan School of Music
130 Claremont Avenue
New York, New York 10027