We are walking in prayerful solidarity with the people of Palestine and Israel. As we pray, we are calling for:

  1. An immediate and enduring ceasefire.
  2. Immediate flow of life saving humanitarian assistance.
  3. Release of all hostages, both Israeli and Palestinian.
  4. End of occupation.

We are raising funds for the Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza run by the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. You can read about their work here and donate here.

We will walk from 59th Street Columbus Circle to the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. We will walk NORTH on Broadway to 110th Street, go EAST to Amsterdam, then NORTH to the steps of the Cathedral (at 112th).

  • ATTIRE/SIGNS: Signs are welcome but please know anything that indicates anti-Semitism or Islamophobia will not be tolerated. We will not demonize, scapegoat or dehumanize. If you have a question about what is appropriate, please reach out to us.
  • CHANTS/SONGS/READINGS: We will sing, chant and pray aloud while we are gathered in Columbus Circle or at the Cathedral but while we are walking, please walk in silent reflection.
  • HECKLERS: If you experience heckling or physical threats, please do not engage. A phone number and more specific directions will be provided closer our gathering time.

Please make sure to RSVP so you can stay connected with us!