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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]REGISTRATION FOR THE AUGUST 9 TOUR AND NETWORKING LUNCH IS NOW CLOSED.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]It’s not easy to keep up with all of the changes in West Harlem.  But let us help you while having a great educational and networking experience!  You, along with orientation leaders, student life, residential life, and admissions staff of our member institutions, are invited to share in a fun-filled morning. Experience the lovely, historic, music-filled streets and sights of West Harlem during a professionally-led walking tour hosted by Morningside Area Alliance. Learn more so you can better educate and refer your students to all the community has to offer them! Register now. For more information, contact Jenn at 212-749-1570.

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, August 9th 2016
Time: 10am-1pm
Cost: $35
Meeting Location: The Apollo Theater, 253 W 125th St, New York, NY 1002

Register Now

Walking Tour 10am – 12:00pm

This customized tour itinerary takes us from 125th Street through Central and West Harlem with stops at some of the neighborhood’s most exceptional sites. Imagine the past while experiencing how historical, musical, political, and cultural legacies shape the sights, sounds, and tastes of Harlem today.

Lunch at 12pm

Enjoy spending time and sharing resources with your colleagues from across Morningside Heights institutions during a relaxing lunch at The Grange (included).
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Our local guide will share stories of culture spanning from the American Revolution, to the Harlem Renassiance, and today.
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Your tour registration fee covers a networking lunch.

About Morningside Area Alliance

Morningside Area Alliance, established in 1947, is a nonprofit membership organization that fosters collaborations and partnerships between members, provides a forum for communication, and is a valued source for neighborhood information.

The Morningside Heights neighborhood is home to the world’s leading academic and religious institutions who, together, help create a truly unique community in which to live, learn, and grow. Morningside Heights is located within greater Harlem, expanding from Cathedral Parkway and W. 125th St, with Riverside Park and Morningside Park flanking its western and eastern borders. Residents belong to both Manhattan Community Board 9 and New York City Council District 9.

Partners: Harlem One Stop Cultural Tours

This West Harlem Tour is presented by Harlem One Stop.

Harlem One Stop is a cultural tourism initiative of the Hamilton Heights West Harlem Community Preservation Organization (CPO) which seeks to establish a one stop network for Upper Manhattan-Harlem-based tourism through alliances and strategic partnerships.

9f822ec9 53a6 41cb a27b bd22523c8a0f[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_text_separator title=”Registration Form”][vc_column_text]We are so pleased you’ll be joining.  Please register below. Payment can be made by credit card visa PayPal (see below) or send a check to our offices. Any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 212-749-1570.

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Taiwo Adenekan Columbia University
Megan Amouzou International House
Alberta Anderson Union Theological Seminary
Alina Angeles Barnard College
Bridget Arndell Columbia University
Ana   Auguste Barnard College
Ana Maria Aversa Columbia University
Keith Blankenship Columbia University
Ciasia Brown International House
Peter Cerneka Columbia University
Audrey Charnow Teachers College
Monica Coen-Christensen Manhattan School of music
Courtney Colvin Barnard College
Marin Conaughty Columbia Business School
Beth Conaughty Columbia University
Zelon Young Columbia Business School
Brooke Quiggins Davidson Manhattan School of Music
Clarissa Dixon Columbia University
Andi Dixon Barnard College
Christine Destin Columbia Business School
Courtney Donohue Barnard College
Craig Dorsey Columbia University
Melanie Dorsey Manhattan School of music
Cristen Esquilin Columbia University
Darice  Flores Columbia University
Lindy Lucas School of Continuing Education
Darleny Gallagher Columbia University
David Galvan Jewish Theological Seminary
Deanne Gomes Teachers College
Samantha Gonzales Union Theological Seminary
Laurencia Gonzales Columbia University
Denise Gonzalez-Block Barnard College
Celia Decalo School of the Arts
Donna Green Manhattan School of Music
Sophia Grigoriou Manhattan School of music
Pamela Guarrera Bank Street
Tara Hanna Columbia University
Ellie Hardesty, Jr. Columbia University
Tom Harford Columbia University
Erin Helfrich Columbia University
Sara Horowitz Jewish Theological Seminary
Aaron Hukari Columbia University
Gloria Iglio Barnard College
Lisa Jenkins Columbia University
Ivonne Jimenez Columbia University
Carl Jones Columbia University
Jessica Joseph Barnard College
Velma Joseph Barnard College
Cindy Justice Columbia University
Brigitte Kahl Union Theological Seminary
Jessie Karahalios Columbia University
Mary Kate-Kelly Bank Street
Matt Kingston Barnard College
Joshua Kingston Barnard College
Kadine  Knobles Bank Street
Joey Kopriva Columbia University
Sharon LaCruise International House
Lauren Lannia Columbia University
Alicia Lawrence Barnard College
Bona Lee Barnard College
Jim Love Manhattan School of music
William Lucas Columbia University
Josh Lucas Columbia University
Barabara LundBlad Union Theological Seminary
Lourdes Lundblad Columbia University
Ann Madigan Columbia University
Marcelle Madigan Barnard College
Rebecca Madison Columbia Business School
Margaret Madson Columbia University
Laila Lissain School of the Arts
Maria Malcolm Barnard College
Phillip Masciantonio Columbia University
Maria  McCants Teachers College
Troy Messenger Union Theological Seminary
Omar Miranda Barnard College
Jocelyn Morales Columbia University
Megan Morales Barnard College
Zaibis Munoz Columbia University
Melissa Nathanson Bank Street
Jesse Nguyen Bank Street
Chante Noel Columbia University
Melinda Orzechowski Columbia University
Chia-Ying Pan Columbia University
Michael Pasquali Union Theological Seminary
Lauren Paulus Columbia University
Michael Peña Barnard College
Robert Penaherrera Columbia University
Martha Phelps Columbia University
Yvonne Pitts Columbia University
Jazmyn Pulley Columbia University
Raphael Richard Columbia University
Ciara Riveria Columbia Business School
R.J. Rojas Columbia University
Rebecca  Schmidt Manhattan School of Music
Cristen Sculley Columbia University
Markert Shira Jewish Theological Seminary
Ruth Shira Jewish Theological Seminary
Tiffany Simon Columbia University
Mandeep Singh Columbia University
Diane Graf School of Continuing Education
Katherine Lee Columbia Business School
Melissa Szobota Columbia Business School
Stephanie Valentin Columbia University
Vanessa Vanderputten Perlongo Columbia University
Beth Vanderputten-Perlongo Columbia University
Valeria Watkins-Causwe Columbia University
Wadner Wecht Manhattan School of Music
Jody Wecht Barnard College
Yoohyun Williams Teachers College
Erica Williams Columbia University
Yvette Wong Union Theological Seminary
Chris Wood Columbia University
Yvonne Young Teachers College
Marci Zimmerman Columbia Business School

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